New York Times Coin Collection

 New York Times Coin Collection
Coin collecting is a fun and entertaining hobby. People have spent hours over the years pouring over coins trying to find rare and valuable pieces. The coin-collecting hobby has evolved. You no longer have to sift through your coins to searching for the unique ones; you can buy sets with a specific coin collection.

The new york times boxed sets are a great place to start a collecting hobby. These sets are very decorative and come in a framed case. You can easily hang these coin sets on the wall of your den or living room. They will instantly become an entertaining conversation piece. When you buy coin set there are several different sets from which to choose. You can collect them all in one purchase or over several purchases.

The Liberty and World Trade Center set features the Statue of Liberty and the twin towers. This is an exciting picture of a lost treasure. The set also comes with three United States postage stamps and two United States coins. The march for the civil rights collection features a very important moment in our nation’s history. The picture frame consists of a copy of the 1963 New York Times front page from the day of Martin Luther King’s historic speech. There are also three coins from this historic year. There are many others in this wonderful series like the Pearl Harbor portfolio, the civil war coin and stamp collection, the Lincoln inauguration coin and stamp collection, and the JFK 50th anniversary of his inauguration.

All of these coin sets make important and historic events in our nation’s history. They give a glimpse into our nations past with photos, stamps, and coins. All of the sets come with a certificate of authenticity which will help them retain there value. These collectors’ items should increase in value as they age and can be handed down from generation to generation. These sets make great gift items for birthdays, anniversaries, and the holidays. Who ever the recipient is will be very excited. Because there are many of these coin sets, you can give these gifts over many years.

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