It is Not Too Late to Treat Strabismus

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Living with impaired vision affects every aspect of daily living. Having strabismus goes deeper than just making one self-conscious. This is a disorder that affects depth perception, can give you double vision, and disrupts eye to hand coordination. Many adults have to deal with strabismus not realizing that adult strabismus is treatable.

Strabismus is an eye disorder in which the eyes are misaligned. Some people have this condition from childhood. However, some adults develop this condition due to medical complications. Thyroid disease, diabetes, strokes, and brain tumors can cause strabismus. Sometimes misalignment of the eyes can take place after cataract surgery, or retinal surgery. This happens when damage occurs in the eye during surgery.

Lazy eye is another word used for strabismus in which the eyes turn different ways. If the eyes are turned in (crossed eyes), it is called esotropia. If the eyes are turned out, the condition is called exotropia. Sometimes, there is a vertical misalignment, which is called hypertropia. This condition is correctable with adult lazy eye surgery.

The point of this surgery is to improve the ocular alignment, allowing a better binocular vision. Surgery is available for children and adults. Some people believe that strabismus surgery is not successful all the time, and possibly need follow up surgery. There is also the fear that one may have double vision for life.

Strabismus surgery is successful eighty percent of the time; the double vision is short-term resulting in long-term ocular alignment. A slip-knot technique improves eyesight even in the most complicated cases of strabismus.

Strabismus surgery is considered cosmetics in many cases, but it is not cosmetic. This surgery improves the field of vision and eliminates double vision. Patients who have the surgery say that they communicate better with people, because they are able to have direct eye contact. They see better, and their eye- hand coordination is improved. This improvement leads to a better self-esteem.

Some people are afraid to have the surgery because they think it will be very painful. This is not true there is very little pain, and recovery time for adults is a couple of weeks. This type of surgery is an outpatient surgery in which the patient goes home within two hours barring unforeseen complications.

Most insurance cover this surgery, and the after care is minimal. You can go back to work within two weeks, if your work does not evolve heavy lifting, or dust. Adults may experience double vision that may last up to a month. Using antibiotic eye drops immediate after surgery is necessary to prevent any infections, and to hydrate the eyes. This surgery improve everything about the way you see the world. It is truly life changing.

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